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Woodworkers Best Tool Table Saw

As oven is to a baker,so is the table saw to a wood worker.There can be no wood working operation unless there is an efficient and good sawing machine in the workshop.Wood cutting operation has been going on since time immemorial.Earlier it was done by using axes and other hand held saws.But with the changing times,technology also altered and innovative ideas set ground for the modern day table sawing machines.
Earlier the whole operation was done manually and proved to be quite a tedious task.But the invention of electricity and the subsequent technological advancements lead to the introduction of the motor run saws.These tools use electricity to operate.This has also lent a push to the production lines too.More is achieved in comparatively lesser time.
There are mainly three types of saws which are in wide use.The bench top table saw is the most basic kind of an instrument placed on the table.These kinds of saws are light weight and are designed to be carried by a single individual for work.The bench top saws are the least expensive of the trio and are also the smallest in size.
The contractor table saw is slightly heavier and bulkier than the hand held one.It is the common choice of contractors who have a sawing table at the construction site.It is also preferred by the more space conscious workers and definitely has a lot less energy consumption.
Cabinet table saws are the heaviest among all types of ripping instruments.They have a cabinet shaped base and are run on electricity.These kinds of saws are the most efficient and in much demand.
There is another kind of table saw which is a fine mix of all the above featured saws and that is why it is called the hybrid table saw.It is a mainly a mix of the contractor and the cabinet table saws.This kind of saw provides a large working surface,has a powerful base and is accurate.
There are multiple brands in the market which manufacture and promote the sawing instruments.Some of the well established brands are Hitachi,Bosch,Makita and Ryobi which have a complete range of table saws and the various accessories needed for wood work and carpentry.
Even though wood work has become highly mechanized and the sawing equipments have their own safety measure,yet it is advisable to follow some safety rules while working on the saw.Any accident on the work place can prove fatal if proper care and precaution is not taken. Some of the basic rules which need to be followed while working with the wood can be enumerated as follows:
Compulsory use of safety glasses or a face shield while working.
Use a sharp blade while working with wood as it will lessen the friction.
Ensure safety guards are in proper place.
Do not push the wood with hands in the same line as of the blade.
Stand to one side in case of kickback.
Keep the area around the saw uncluttered.
Unplug the device when not in use.
If all the above things are taken into consideration and all the rules followed strictly,wood working can become a delightful and hassle free activity with positive results.
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